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Phantom ATV 48V Electric atv india | with high power BLDC motor 1000W | head lights | electric Key start

Phantom ATV 48V Electric atv india | with high power BLDC motor 1000W | head lights | electric Key start

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"Six-Month Limited Warranty on Battery
FLIPTOY warrants this product to the original retail purchaser as follows: The ride-on toys (except for the battery) are warranted against defective motors for one year from the date of the original purchase. The battery is warranted for six months from the date of the original purchase. An original receipt is required to validate your warranty. FLIPTOY will, at its discretion, provide replacement parts, and FLIPTOY reserves the right to substitute them if the part or model has been discontinued. To make a claim under this warranty, you must contact us. Proof of purchase is required, and shipping charges are the responsibility of FLIPTOY."

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Technical Details

Unleash the Adventure with Phantom ATV 48V Electric ATV India

Conquer Any Terrain with High-Power BLDC Motor

Buckle up for an electrifying off-road experience with the Phantom ATV 48V Electric ATV India. Our cutting-edge all-terrain vehicle is equipped with a high-power BLDC motor boasting a remarkable 1000W, ensuring you effortlessly navigate through rugged landscapes and conquer challenging terrains. Whether you're tackling dirt trails, rocky paths, or sandy dunes, this ATV's powerful motor guarantees an adrenaline-pumping ride that redefines the thrill of off-road adventures.

Eco-Friendly Commute: Unleash the Power of Electric Mobility

Join the green revolution with the Phantom ATV's eco-friendly electric propulsion system. The 48V electric motor not only delivers exhilarating performance but also contributes to a sustainable future. Say goodbye to emissions and noise pollution, as you zip through nature trails or explore off-grid destinations without leaving a carbon footprint. Embrace the eco-conscious side of adventure with the Phantom ATV, where power meets environmental responsibility.

Design Elegance: Aesthetics that Captivate

Crafted with a blend of style and ruggedness, the Phantom ATV 48V Electric ATV India stands out with its captivating design. From sleek contours to bold graphics, every detail is meticulously designed to enhance both form and function. The ergonomic layout ensures comfort during long rides, while the striking aesthetics make a bold statement on any terrain. Elevate your off-road experience with a vehicle that not only performs but turns heads with its aesthetic appeal.

Illuminate Your Path: Headlight Brilliance

Embark on thrilling night rides with the Phantom ATV's integrated headlight feature. Safely navigate through dark trails, add an extra layer of excitement to your off-road escapades, and extend your adventure into the night. The powerful headlight ensures clear visibility, allowing you to explore new territories and experience the adrenaline rush of off-road night riding.

Effortless Start: Key Start Convenience

Say goodbye to traditional start-up hassles. The Phantom ATV comes equipped with a convenient key start mechanism, allowing you to kickstart your adventure with ease. No more struggling with pull cords or complicated ignition processes – just turn the key, rev up the high-power BLDC motor, and set off on a seamless off-road journey.

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    Battery 48v 20AH Lead-acid
    Motor Brushless 48v 1000W
    Start system Electric starts with key
    Chassis Metal heavy-duty frame
    Brake Front drum brake and rear disc brake
    Absorber hydraulic absorber (F/R)
    Tires Front & Rears: 19x7-8, 18x9.5-8
    Drive train Chain drive
    Seat height 85 CM
    Product size 180x111x112 -cm
    N.W 135 Kgs.
    Charging time 6-8 Hrs.
    Kilometer per charge 40 Km.
    Speed Max Speed: 28-35 Km/h
    Max load Capacity: 120 Kgs
    Speed mode 3 Speed, and Revers

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