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City coco electric scooter | coco electric bike in india | powerful 60v 12ah lithium battery | for Youngster

City coco electric scooter | coco electric bike in india | powerful 60v 12ah lithium battery | for Youngster

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"Six-Month Limited Warranty on Battery
FLIPTOY warrants this product to the original retail purchaser as follows: The ride-on toys (except for the battery) are warranted against defective motors for one year from the date of the original purchase. The battery is warranted for six months from the date of the original purchase. An original receipt is required to validate your warranty. FLIPTOY will, at its discretion, provide replacement parts, and FLIPTOY reserves the right to substitute them if the part or model has been discontinued. To make a claim under this warranty, you must contact us. Proof of purchase is required, and shipping charges are the responsibility of FLIPTOY."

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Unleash the Adventure: City Coco Electric Scooter

Urban Commute Redefined

Say goodbye to mundane commutes! Our City Coco Electric Scooter is the epitome of urban mobility. Glide through city streets with style and efficiency, leaving conventional transportation behind. This electric scooter is designed for the modern urbanite, offering a seamless blend of convenience and excitement.

City Coco Electric Scooter, Urban Mobility, Conventional Transportation, Modern Urbanite

Are you tired of the same old routine? Elevate your daily commute with the City Coco Electric Scooter – the avant-garde solution to urban travel. With its sleek design and powerful motor, navigating city streets becomes an exhilarating experience. Whether you're heading to work or exploring the city, this electric scooter ensures you arrive in style.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

Make a conscious choice for the environment without compromising on speed or style. Our City Coco Electric Scooter features a powerful 60v 12ah lithium battery, setting the standard for eco-friendly urban transportation. Embrace sustainability without sacrificing the thrill of the ride – it's a win-win.

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Transportation, Lithium Battery, Urban Transportation

Join the green revolution with our electric scooter's lithium battery technology. Not only does it reduce your carbon footprint, but it also provides a longer-lasting and reliable power source for your daily adventures. Experience guilt-free rides as you contribute to a cleaner, greener planet.

The Perfect Ride for Youngsters

Empower the youth with the City Coco Electric Scooter – the ultimate ride for youngsters. Designed with the energy and spirit of the youth in mind, this electric scooter in India captures the essence of freedom and fun. Watch as the younger generation embraces a new era of mobility, embracing the joy of cruising effortlessly through the city.

Youngsters, Freedom, Fun, New Era of Mobility

Give the gift of independence to the youngsters in your life. The City Coco Electric Scooter is not just a mode of transportation; it's a symbol of freedom and a statement of style. Let the youth ride into the future with confidence and enthusiasm.

Dominating Streets, 60v-12Ah Lithium Battery

Rule the urban jungle with our City Coco Electric Scooter, armed with a commanding 60v-12Ah lithium battery. This powerhouse ensures your dominance on the streets, providing not just a mode of transportation but an experience of pure exhilaration. Get ready to turn heads and own the road.

Thrilling Endurance, Swift Charging, Lithium Battery Efficiency

Embark on extended journeys with the confidence of thrilling endurance. The 60v-12Ah lithium battery redefines the limits of your City Coco, ensuring you cover more ground with each ride. And when it's time to recharge, enjoy the convenience of swift charging, minimizing downtime and maximizing your time on the road.

City Coco Electric Scooter, Elevated Comfort, 750mm Seat Height

Experience a new level of comfort with our City Coco Electric Scooter, boasting an ergonomic 750mm seat height. Cruise through the city streets in style, enjoying a seated position that provides both confidence and relaxation. Elevate your ride, elevate your comfort.

Tailored Seating, All Riders, Adjustable Comfort

The 750mm seat height is more than just a number – it's a promise of inclusivity. Our City Coco Electric Scooter offers tailored seating for all riders, ensuring a comfortable fit for every individual. Adjust the seat to your liking, accommodating various heights and riding preferences, so every journey is uniquely yours.

Shared Adventures, 2-Seater Comfort

Embrace the joy of shared experiences with our City Coco Electric Scooter, featuring a spacious and comfortable 2-seater design. Whether you're cruising with a friend or a loved one, this scooter transforms your journeys into memorable adventures. Explore the city in style and comfort together.

2 Seater Commuting, Effortless Journeys, Endless Memories

Say goodbye to solo rides – our 2-seater City Coco Electric Scooter is your ticket to effortless commuting and the creation of endless memories. Glide through the urban landscape with a companion, enjoying the freedom of the open road while forging bonds that will last a lifetime.

Stylish Design, Comfortable Cruising, Shared Comfort

The City Coco Electric Scooter not only provides a 2-seater option but does so with a touch of style. Its sleek design ensures you not only arrive at your destination comfortably but also turn heads along the way. Elevate your commuting experience with a blend of sophistication and shared comfort.

Heavy-Duty Performance, 200 Kgs Load Capacity

Experience a new era of heavy-duty commuting with our City Coco Electric Scooter. Boasting an impressive 200 Kgs load capacity, this scooter is engineered to carry more than just you – it's designed for those who demand power, durability, and reliability in every journey.

Electric Scooter, Swift Power Renewal, 4 to 6 Hours Charging Time

Recharge your ride swiftly with the City Coco Electric Scooter, boasting a remarkable charging time of 4 to 6 hours. Say goodbye to long waits and hello to uninterrupted adventures. With this efficient charging system, your scooter is always ready to hit the road, ensuring you never miss a beat.

City Coco bike, Dual Powerhouse Brakes, Front and Rear Disc Brake System

Safety takes the front seat with the City Coco Electric Scooter, equipped with a dual powerhouse braking system featuring both front and rear disc brakes. This cutting-edge technology ensures precise and responsive braking, giving you unmatched control and confidence on every ride.

Precision in Action, Responsive Front Disc Brakes, Enhanced Safety

Experience the next level of safety with the City Coco Electric Scooter's responsive front disc brakes. Engineered for precision, these brakes provide immediate stopping power, giving you the confidence to navigate through city streets with ease and enhanced safety.

City Coco Electric Scooter, Command the Road, 18*9.5 Inch Tyres

Elevate your riding experience with the City Coco Electric Scooter, featuring commanding 18*9.5 inch tyres that redefine the way you command the road. These impressive wheels not only ensure a smooth ride but also enhance stability, giving you the confidence to tackle any urban terrain.

Elevate Your Ride, Superior Climbing Performance, Hill Dominance

Take your riding experience to new heights with the superior climbing performance of the City Coco Electric Scooter. With a climbing degree of 15 to 20, this scooter dominates hills, ensuring you reach your destination effortlessly and with unparalleled power.

Effortless Maneuvering, Precision, Forward and Reverse, Dual Movement Control

Navigate urban landscapes with ease and precision, thanks to the City Coco Electric Scooter's effortless maneuvering capabilities. The dual movement control allows for seamless transitions between forward and reverse, providing you with unmatched control in any situation.

Torque Thrills, Ride with Power, 95-N/M Torque Performance

Every twist of the throttle becomes a thrilling adventure with the City Coco Electric Scooter's torque performance of 95-N/M. Whether you're accelerating from a standstill or cruising at top speeds, the torque thrills of this scooter redefine the joy of urban commuting.

Agile Commuting, Maneuver, 66 Kgs Lightweight Beauty

Experience agile commuting like never before with the City Coco Electric Scooter's 66 Kgs lightweight beauty. Maneuver through traffic, weave through tight spaces, and effortlessly handle your scooter with grace. This lightweight design redefines the ease of urban commuting.

Accelerate with Confidence, City Cruising, Preferred Speed

Take control of your city cruising experience as you accelerate with confidence on the City Coco Electric Scooter. With a speed range from 15 to 50 KM/H, choose your preferred speed and enjoy the flexibility to adapt to various urban scenarios.

Sustainable Adventures, Eco-Friendly Riding, 35 KMS Range

Embrace sustainable adventures with the City Coco Electric Scooter's eco-friendly riding experience, boasting a 35 KMS range. Reduce your carbon footprint as you explore the city with this electric scooter, offering a perfect blend of environmental consciousness and extended voyages.

Smooth Cruising Mastery, Oil Shock Absorber Excellence, City Ride Comfort

Master the art of smooth cruising with the City Coco Electric Scooter's oil shock absorber excellence. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a ride that glides effortlessly over various surfaces, providing you with the comfort you deserve on every city journey.

Crystal Clear Readouts, Digital Speed Mastery

Experience crystal clear readouts with City Coco's digital speed mastery. The digital speed meter provides accurate and easy-to-read information, allowing you to effortlessly monitor your speed 

Instant Activation, Remote Start Mastery, Effortless Beginnings

Experience instant activation with City Coco's remote start mastery. The convenience of starting your scooter remotely ensures you're always ready to roll, offering effortless beginnings to your city cruising adventures.

City Coco Electric Scooter, Nighttime Brilliance, Powerful Headlight

Illuminate your path and ride with confidence during the night with City Coco's powerful headlight. Offering enhanced visibility, this feature ensures that your nighttime journeys are as safe as they are stylish.

Signal in Style, City Coco's Side Indicator Elegance, Stylish Signaling

Navigate the city streets with style using City Coco's side indicator elegance. Not just functional but also stylish, these indicators add a touch of sophistication to your ride, making sure you signal your intentions with flair.

Versatility Unleashed, Explore the City, 3 Speed Modes

Experience the versatility of City Coco Electric Scooter as it unleashes 3 speed modes for you to explore the city with ease. From navigating crowded streets to cruising on open roads, these speed variants adapt to your surroundings, providing a versatile and dynamic city commuting experience.

City Coco Electric Scooter, Stylish Storage Solution, Seat Storage Basket

Combine convenience and style with City Coco's seat storage basket, a stylish storage solution designed to enhance your riding experience. This functional accessory adds a touch of elegance to your scooter while providing a practical storage solution for your belongings.

Commute with Ease, Functional Seat Storage, City Cruising Convenience

Simplify your commute with City Coco's functional seat storage. This well-designed accessory allows you to carry your essentials with ease, making city cruising a convenient and enjoyable experience. Say goodbye to carrying bags – let the seat storage basket handle it for you.

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