MADE IN INDIA High quality and durable remote controlled battery operated ride on toys for kids! Making in India since 1942... Having an upscale experience of producing top quality and innovative toys with own factories in India since 1942, we've now estabilished a replacement factory for battery cars for teenagers in India. Commited to form in India movement, manufacturing ride on toys of strong quality is mandatory as our youngsters electric cars are sold within the domestic also because the international market. Ride on cars india. Our battery cars for teenagers cater to a good age bracket of two years to upto 7 years. With addition of more products across different categories within ride on toys planned for future, our offerings are sure to become more joyous and playful for toddlers and infants to early teens. What sets us apart is that the quality of the ride on toys. We use virgin grade material and every part undergoes detailed inspections for internal control . We could also be producing thousands of youngsters cars monthly , but we realise that each kids electric cars we produce is special for a few child or the opposite across the planet . We are within the business of creating children happy and therefore the parents satisfied!